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Shirley Walker

Sr. Vice President of Purchasing & Design

shirley-walkerShirley has been with Dimension and its related companies since shortly after our first company was founded. She handles corporate purchasing programs, design concepts for new and existing hotels undergoing periodic product improvements and supports our hotels with their local purchasing as needed. Shirley is a leader in the hotel purchasing industry and is known for her excellence in developing successful partnerships with our vendors that bring extra value to our partners. Shirley is a graduate of Northwestern State University and is a former educator before moving to the hospitality industry.


What I love most about my job is the challenge. It is really gratifying to see a new building come to life or to see new life breathed into an old building. What a rush! Also, it is great to see how pleased our operations and sales teams are when they know their hotel is being renovated. It is fun to work with these talented professionals and give them a product that makes them proud and helps them achieve their goals of higher occupancies, higher rates and outstanding guest service.


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