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Angie Williams

Assistant Corporate Director of Revenue Management


Angie started in Hospitality at the age of 16 working in Housekeeping as a room attendant in a very limited service hotel.  At age 17, she was moved to the front desk, and shortly after that, was moonlighting in accounting.
Angie worked the front desk through her entire college career until graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a BA in Liberal Arts.
Soon after graduation in 2001, she was promoted to Revenue Manager when it was just getting off the ground as a new position. From there, she survived the economic downturn after 9/11 but also gained the responsibility of Director of Front Office in addition to Revenue Manager.  She performed this dual role until 2007, when she became solely the Director of Revenue Management for a large convention – oriented hotel. Also in 2007, she attained her CRDE (Certified Rooms Division Executive) designation from the American Hotel and Lodging Association. In addition, in 2014 earned her professional certificates in both Revenue Management and Industry Analytics.
Angie joined Dimension Development in 2012 as a Corporate Revenue Manager. In 2017, she was promoted to the Assistant Corporate Director of Revenue Management, helping to oversee our rapidly growing portfolio of full service hotels.
Angie says that the best part about her job is the ability to analyze all available data and metrics to assist her hotels in taking risks and measuring results. It is always an ever-changing learning opportunity.
Angie lives in San Antonio, TX  with her 3 young daughters. They enjoy getting out and exploring the outdoors in Central and South Texas.

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